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"It's kind of fun to do the impossible." - Walt Disney

I graduated from Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, Arizona on April 27, 2017 with my undergrad in Business Marketing. I achieved this in 3 years! Since then I have:

1. Had a life changing first Euro trip thanks to my mom for carrying on her family tradition by rewarding me for my hard work and B.S. LOL

2. Had first solo-international trip and flew from London to Dublin for a week. Zero plans. Expected God to move, and he did. I sat by a London Disney producer on the plane...I'M a MAJOR DISNEY FAN. THis guy was tigger at Disney Paris 16 years ago and now is a producer. WHAT. GOD IS CRAZY. This guy literally gets paid to sit in a room and watch movies before they are released. WHATTTTT. 

3. From June-July 2017 I was growing, recovering, and working on myself as I came home from Europe with a serious attack of Satan over my mind...Not going to go into that publicly but I was broken and hurt. Jesus restored and healed me thanks to unconditional love from friends and family.

4. August 2017 I packed my Ford Focus and moved back to Phoenix to work at Carvana.com a online car dealership that is so crazy transformative to the car industry...Thanks Rachael Rose Schaefer for the hook up...

5. December 2017: Resigned from Carvana due to getting accepted into the Disneyland College Program, a once in a lifetime opportunity. Highly recommend if you want to get phenomenal training and values from the top company in the world...

6. Was home for a month and then packed up again beginning of January, spent a night at GCU with friends, and drove straight to Anaheim, CA I worked at Disney California Adventure Park at Hyperion Theater as a cast member. I basically greeted guests, announced over the intercom of show times, cleaned the theater, and watched Frozen 4 times every day. HAHA I will never get that out of my head.... "Do you want to build a snowman...." LOL. Guests were so fun! I was only there for a short 2 months but I had a crazy experience. The training was top-notch as you would expect for a Billion dollar company. I got to see first hand what goes into running a Billion dollar theme park that inspires so many. I got to ride Space Mountain with the lights on which was wild. I met friends from all over the USA, and roomies were so awesome! Kara Marie Taelor Cruz Ana Encinas-Sloan Tania Hernandez gave me the cutest Disney themed gifts based off our favorite princesses and quotes, and we got to inspire children of today by living up to the magic and calling them "princesses, cowboys..." whatever they were! What a phenomenal guest service aspect... However, I had a hard lesson and got fired for going to the park on a day I called in sick, even though I felt better and wanted to see a good friend and his family that were visiting from New Mexico....I honestly didn't even know that was a rule, but unfortunately it was. I was reviewed for 2 days and then was fired very professionally but also quite out of disrespect not Disney magic style... Due to having a mandatory 3 month probation when I got hired, I was fired and given my last and $12 pay check. I don't agree with Disneyland pay to their hard working and inspiring cast members who inspire the youth of the world. Did you know that 10% of Disneyland cast members who are union members and full/part time are homeless and live in their cars, shower at the gym...etc?! https://www.marketwatch.com/story/some-disneyland-staff-say-they-struggle-with-homelessness-and-food-insecurity-2018-03-01 I met cast members first hand who admitted this! This is not ok for a billion dollar company and I really think that #BobIger needs to take some serious steps in a positive direction to increase wages in a extremely expensive state as far as cost of living goes....Don't get me started on that...But it was my fault for being fired and I'll own it. Not many people will brag about being fired by Disneyland but I will because it taught me a major life lesson.... I will forever be a Disney fan regardless of getting fired. My future children will grow up as I was, watching Davey Crockett and Lion King, playing with Disney toys, dressing up as Disney characters at birthday parties..... <3 It was a hard lesson and I have never gone public with this. Only close friends and family know. However I think it is important to own up to our mistakes and GROW from them! Jesus gives us choices and freedom for a reason....Maybe one of you can inspire others. Let's hold Disneyland accountable for the treatment and un-fair wages of hard working cast members who deserve more than California minimum wage. ($11) When the cost of living in Los Angeles is literally roughly $2,560 a month for a 900 sq ft not counting food...Sorry but I am inspired to maybe help this end and get Disney employees in a real apartment and out of their cars. Also I think that we can also maybe inspire Disney to look at Walt's dreams and visions and go back to inspiring the world, but also treating employees fairly...

7. March of 2018 moved from Anaheim back to Colorado...was heart broken and ashamed of my behavior that led me to getting fired from my favorite business in the world. Disney College Program thanks for a hard life lesson, I wish y'all the best and will never talk down on such a beautiful company that creates MAGIC, and unites families in such a beautiful way. It's low key funny that I am proud of being FIRED by DISNEY. HAHA. Just to represent Grand Canyon University and get accepted was a huge blessing.... My family raised me on Disney and I remember vaguely being 4 years old and meeting Minnie Mouse for the first time in Toontown as well as having cool balloons....my mom saved them and made a cute little scrapbook. How crazy that I have a memory from such a young age at such a inspiring place!! and then 16 laters I was part of that same magic that brightened my childhood?! GOALS!

8. April: Literally sold my car and used the funds to fly from Durango to Phoenix, to JFK (NYC) explore NYC solo and make best friends from Europe at Hostels, and then be a nanny for a month for a very conservative and inspiring and hard working family in Arlington, VA / Washington D.C. I left due to not agreeing with their family rules and how they raised their kids...as well as the mom being very unstable emotionally...The mom used to work under the Trump Administration....Can't discuss details due to NDA...

9. May of 2018: Take a greyhound from D.C. to NYC. Spent one night at my favorite American hostel of The Local NY they have a bar, cute rooms and a huge area to relax and enjoy the company of literally the world!

10. I flew to London!!! London holds a very special place in my heart. I decided to take a AuPair job so I could travel and moved in with a very awesome Business owner and top gynecologist in London family....I lived in Kent, U.K. and it was a gorgeous place. I got to take the kids to private schools, enjoy their gorgeous home while the kids were at school, and briefly love on them. Unfortunately God closed that door and I was forced to come home. HOWEVER. During my time in the U.K. I made such beautiful friendships at Hillsong London / Bermondsey what rad young people on FIRE for Jesus. The worship. The love. It radiated so deeply that I was inspired to found my own company Fired Up To Inspire which motivates millennial youth and generation Z to ABC, easy as 123.... (sing it with me lol)

A. Adventure 🏰



Thanks Bob Goff for writing Love Does with so much passion that I couldn't help but get a tiny more infected with my already crazy adventureous journey. I was fired from Disney and I am so glad it happened. I wouldn't have experienced the love of Hillsong Church U.K., traveled, or made so many European friends.... I was inspired to be on fire for Jesus. To love more. Lead, and impact the Kingdom for HIS GLORY. Hillsong Young & Free also was so lit in London with the worship.


11. June: back home in Colorado. I launched a business for the #1 haircare line in the USA. I got to SUP, to hike, to camp, to be a Colorado girl in my home state. Like #10 says, I created my OWN BRAND.

12. It is currently July 8, 2018 and I am back home in Mancos, Colorado. I am paying rent to my mom to hold myself accountable. I working towards saving 50% of profits so I can earn a trip out to Pacific Palisades, L.A, California and spend some awesome time in the California sun, at the beach club my aunt is in, and adventuring for the love of Jesus. I can't wait to crush every goal I have .


My goals:

Do self vocal coaching again,

- Get a Record deal

- travel for Jesus 

- Inspire Millenials and the youth of the world: Inspire them that with big dreams you can do anything without failing if you work hard.

 no joke. Travel and represent Jesus with my friends at #LiveNowNatives and go on tour repping Jesus with EDM/Christian Pop for millenials. With #BenCourson preaching, Cameron Erman filming, Sean Erman flying us around, HAHA, and Brianne Erman running social media / helping lead women with inspiring messages. This is my vision that God has placed on my life. It might not be y'alls who are tagged, but haha...I'd say you'd most likely agree. LOL

My dreams may freak y'all out and you might hate, and say I won't achieve it...BUTTT the King of the whole Universe is on my side and without him I cannot fail!

Philippians 4:13 "For I can do ALL things through Him who gives me strength."

"All of our dreams can come true if we have the courage to PURSUE them..." - Walt Disney 🌠

Love y'all! Stay hungry, motivated, dream BIG dreams, and don't listen to people who don't encourage you and speak hate over your life.

- XX Kia Baikie: The Darling Dreamer ✨❤️🏰