How To Travel More For Less

Lately I've received quite a few messages on Instagram from followers asking me how I travel so much. I think a lot of people assume that my parents fund my travel. This is definitely not true, in fact, I fund all of my travels (except for my Europe graduation trip last summer). I've gotten enough messages that I decided to write this blog on travel tips, and how to save.

First off, I remember my freshman year of college. I met a girl who said she had never been out of Arizona. She was 18 and I thought this was really sad. She didn't seem to have a desire to leave, she was so in love with Arizona. I think a lot of people have this idea that travel is expensive, which in my experience is often not true.

The most obvious and expensive thing that you must pay for when traveling is the flight! I have a travel membership through WoTaBu. (check out It's $30 a month for a wholesale travel membership. That means that there is no extra cost for the flight, than what the company finds. Sites like Expedia and Travelocity charge booking fees and raise the cost of flights than what the airline directly charges. This is how they make their money. WoTaBu takes that away from the equation and instead makes money through membership fees. Also, WoTaBu has a week free trial that I highly recommend. You can see the whole system and even book a flight or 2 during that week. Another thing I use for flights is Google Flights. I love how they let you see a Calendar of the month of travel you're looking at, so you can compare prices. Typically flights are cheaper on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so if it is possible with your schedule, these are the best days to depart/arrive home and to your destination. Also, flying outside of the peak months ( holidays, and summer) can save you hundreds.

When traveling I opt to skip hotels and instead go for the cheaper options which are Airbnb and hostels. When traveling solo I prefer to go to hostel route because I find that they allow me to make lots of friends that are my age, from all over the globe. When with a friend or family member, Airbnb is a better option. Hostels range from $30 and up a night in New York City, and are about $15-25 a night in Europe.

Next is food! When I was in Europe last summer, I spent 10 days traveling through Ireland and England by myself. I found the cheapest and healthiest option for meals was to go to a grocery store. I bought smoothies, sandwiches, and granola bars. Food that was convenient for a fast meal while on the go. While I was in New York City last week, I splurged a bit and went to some nicer restaurants. I think it's a good idea to write out a budget before leaving for your trip, so you know ahead of time how much you have per day for food, activities, and accommodations.

Lastly, Groupon is a cool way to check out local events/activities and get a good price. You can do things such as helicopter tours, cooking classes, and go to restaurants. I've decided to do a helicopter tour of NYC when I go back in May and I plan to browse Groupon for a good deal!

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XX - The Dreaming Darling